25+ years of dedicated service connecting rural area Albertans to exceptional employment services.

Our expert team takes a personalized approach in guiding you to accomplish your training and employment goals.

Serving our rural communities of Drumheller, Stettler and surrounding areas.

We have extensive funded programming available to suit your individual needs.

Our Funding Partners:

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
Helen Keller

Discover how we can help.

All services are provided FREE of charge to all Albertan's meeting program eligibility requirements.
To talk to a CAREER ADVISOR for more information please call 1-877-823-6934

What we Offer Job Seekers

  • Personalized assistance in developing resumes and cover letters
  • Career guidance and testing to see what career is best suited for you
  • Funded Skills Training to enhance employability
  • Direct job placement services with employers best suiting your needs
  • Interview preparation
  • Access to our job boards and hidden job market
  • Funded work experience opportunities to gain valuable skills
  • Specialized supports for youth and persons with disabilities

What we Offer Employers

  • Potential wage funding for eligible new hires
  • Access to our job board both in our office and on our website
  • Job maintenance and mediation
  • Assisting with and developing recruitment and retention plans
  • Office space to conduct interviews
  • Access to qualified candidates
  • Connecting you with valuable community resources
  • Funding available for short term training for eligible new employees

Trusted by job seekers and employers.

It is our continuing focus to work as an integral part of the communities we serve; fostering and developing as a cohesive team to create innovative program approaches to best serve our clients.

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Martin Sheurer

Job Seeker

“MH Enterprises definitely helped me to rewrite my resume in a more up to date way, they call me with local job opportunities which helps greatly because I would not have known about them otherwise. They perform follow up calls regularly which I appreciate because it lets me know someone out there cares.”

Trevor Gough

Ascend Financial

“I have used MH many times and been able to find long term staffing through their programs. MH Enterprises is a wonderful, and amazing asset to Drumheller and I am excited to wish them a Happy 20 Years in business! I look forward to working with them over the next 20 Years!”

Cathy Kuntz

Job Seeker

“My newly created resume was professionally displayed, complemented my new area of prospective employment and was completed in an extremely efficient manner.  Your sound knowledge of key contacts within the business community and existing employment opportunities was paramount in assisting me gain employment within a short time frame.”

Kayla Wade

Over the past three years I have thought back to how MH has helped me on my path to reaching my goals. By opening a door that was in my path that seemed unreachable, MH gave me that chance by standing behind me. As I had not been able to get the experience that I required without someone doing so, before that chance (I actually dropped a resume where I am working before getting my start here, and they didn't even look at it). After my first meeting I felt more confident that something was going to be accomplished. MH kept with me the whole time giving me options, ideas on how to help me, and much needed support, which still continue to do so.

The option that helped me the most was the 3 months experience program, which helped me get my current position as a House Keeper/Kitchen Aid which I have kept now, going on 3 years. I am very grateful for all MH has done for me, the roots that were established there run deep for me. I will continue to recommend MH to others who are seeking help and could use your special attention, including my sisters.

Thank you for this opportunity, to gather the building blocks I feel I am going to need to construct the wonderful life that I am looking forward to.

Gloria Vickerage

It was many years of running a business before I was aware that this service existed.

Since that time I have met and worked with some lovely individuals on the program. The most successful program for this store is the three month job placement, as it takes at least three months for a new employee to feel comfortable with the many details and expectations.

Jobs at The Fossil Shop Inc are not just for anyone. Our success has been mostly with students pre-university. This group can perform physically and intelligently with regards to the many demands.

I am grateful for the support. It is a valuable asset for the community.

John Shoff

Reality Bytes Incorporated

We have had the pleasure of working with M.H. Enterprises since they were in a small single office at the old Civic Center building.  And, we have used their services &programs many times over the past 16 years!!

MH Enterprises, specifically Marina Paarup and her excellent staff, knows what it means to give personal, and professional service. 

Over the years, we have taken advantage of their training on the job programs, youth employment programs, and skill training programs.

I would recommend thatif you haven't used MH's services, you give them a chance. They likely can do a lot for your business that you were not aware was even available!


R&J Flowers

Thanks MH Enterprises!!

As a small business owner I really appreciate the government assisted programs you have assisted inaccessing. This has enabled me to train a few different women in floral design. Giving them a life long career in a field they love.

Thanks again.

Valley Veterinary Clinic

The M.H. employment programs give us the opportunity to provide people interested in veterinary medicine summer employment and a chance to experience it and see if it is the line of work they would interested in. It is an invaluable program that provides opportunity and incite into whether they want to pursue veterinary medicine as a career.