About MH Enterprises

We provide our community members with high quality, client focused Employment Services, that enables our team to take a personalized approach in supporting and guiding our clients through informed career and training transitions.

It is our goal to maintain at all times the respect and dignity of those we serve, by providing a specialized individual approach for each client we serve. An approach which ensures and renews our clients sense of empowerment over their own life choices and directs them towards their chosen goals.

It is our continuing focus to work as an integral part of the communities we serve; fostering and developing as a cohesive team to create innovative program approaches to best serve our clients.

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Reputation is what others know of us, honour is what we know of ourselves, and character is the result of creating both.
Louis McMaster Bujold

The team behind this mission

Ashley Hansen
Ashley will be there to greet you when you walk in the door at MH Enterprises. She is there to assist you in booking an appointment, job search and answering questions you may have. Ashley has resided in the Drumheller area for the past 20 years. Previously, she has worked as an Educational Assistant and Radio Host in the Drumheller Valley and has developed strong connections to the community. Ashley has volunteered with the local Agricultural Society for the past 15 years. In this time with the Agricultural Society, she has taken on many leadership roles such as Vice President and Event Promotor for multiple events. Ashley has developed and maintained connections with community members and employers which has aided in her responsibilities within the office and maintaining our in-house and online Job Boards. Her past interactive public support roles have made her extremely knowledgeable of our rural labour markets and has assisted her to create strong network skills with area community groups, agencies, and employers.
Darci Paarup
Youth Employment & Skills Strategy (YESS) Case Manager
Darci is able to assist clients, of all ages, with innovative job searches, online application processes, training endeavors, wage subsidies, direct employer marketing and life skills support. Darci has several years of experience in client support, and through direct, front-line experience she has demonstrated an excellent understanding of client needs. She has strong area Employer connections and works diligently to assist them with all their staffing needs. Darci is a certified English Second Language teacher and has experience working as an Educational Assistant within the Drumheller community. Raised in the Drumheller area, Darci is a long-term community member involved with various groups around the valley. With her excellent leadership and communication skills she is able to provide and support many clients in all aspects of job obtainment.
Sagan Gordon
Program Coordinator
Sagan has been working at MH Enterprises for four years, during which time she has managed several programs and assisted many in connecting to meaningful employment. Sagan would identify developing strong relationships with clients and building collaborative partnerships with employers as her biggest strengths and is motivated to grow both personally and professionally in all interactions. If you’re eager to enhance your job search, Sagan will act as your #1 cheerleader, providing compassionate support and guidance along the way. With a Bachelor of Arts and a Certificate in Life Coaching, Sagan applies a holistic approach to helping individuals make positive changes in all areas of their lives so they may contribute to the rural communities in which they live. Sagan grew up in the Drumheller area and is eager to continue to assist community members in achieving their life and career goals.
Roe Desrosiers
Career Management Consultant
Roe obtained his Bachelor of Education Degree at the University of Alberta and has successfully worked within the education system for over 25 years, before retiring. During his tenure there he provided at-risk youth with Solution Focused counseling, Essential Skills development, as well as distant learning courses and work experience programs. Roe has established strong relationships within the community of Stettler, where he has resided for over 20 years, and fostered the growth and development of an entire generation of students. Roe strives to nurture competencies and resiliencies in clients and adapt learning strategies to meet their individualized needs. During his time at MH Enterprises, he has developed a high degree of respect and integrity and has become well-versed in assisting clients with complex needs to overcome barriers associated with their learning, environmental, physical, and mental health barriers. Roe’s previous employment background and education have given him a unique and varied approach to his counseling and consultant role within MH Enterprises. Roe has well-established relationships with prospective clients and looks forward to serving them and their needs.
Marina Paarup
Marina has a four year Bachelor of Arts Degree specializing in Psychology. Streams of focus include Clinical Assessment, Counseling and practical and theoretical exposure to a variety of psychological testing measures. She has demonstrated capacity for coordination of office and employee activities, fiscal management and partnership development with the community and related facilities, activities and organizations. A strong community connection as a long-term resident of Drumheller has assisted Marina in developing specialized understanding of and respect for a complex local labor market and the needs of employers and clients within it. In operating MH Enterprises and providing employment services for the area for the last 20 years she has also expanded community connections through participating in many local area Boards and committees. Marina maintains a hands-on approach when working with partnership organizations, business professionals, clients and staff members, which assists in the creation of the team atmosphere necessary to provide the best services possible.

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