Covid 19

As all of us at MH Enterprises, Employment Services remain available for on-going employment support services, we also are remaining committed to you and our community to provide you with summaries of assistance that are available to you from the impacts we are facing from COVID-19.

Covid-19 Update

Dear Clients,

The staff at MH Enterprises would like to thank you for yoursupport over the last 2 years as we have had to adjust how we were able tocontinue to assist you.

As of March 1, 2022 the Alberta Government nolonger requires masking indoors.

We are open for public walk-ins, but still encourage you tobook an appointment so we may have dedicated time to address your individualneeds. To book an appointment with a Career Advisor, please call (403) 823-6934.

Please reschedule your visit to our office if you arefeeling unwell with any of the following Covid-19 related symptoms: Fever,Cough, Sore Throat, Shortness of Breath, Cold or Flu.

For your safety, and that of our staff, we encourage thefollowing considerations prior to visiting us:

·        Book an appointment prior to visiting ouroffice. If you would rather conduct your appointment by phone, Skype,Google Meet, Zoom, etc., just let us know and we will accommodate you. We wanteveryone to feel safe as we move forward together.

·        Masks are NOT mandatory. Masks areno longer mandatory within indoor public spaces, as per Governmentregulations; however, we would like to respect your comfort level and we willbe happy to wear a mask during your in person appointment.

·        Please respect physical distancing. Wewill do our best to make sure that everyone feels comfortable in our office. Ifyou can respect the need for space, we would be extremely appreciative.

·        Remember hand hygiene! When you come toour office, please feel free to use our hand sanitizer stations locatedthroughout the office. We have you covered!

·        Feel confident in our enhanced cleaningprotocols. We will continue our enhanced cleaning protocols throughout theoffice. Meeting spaces and public work-stations will be thoroughly sanitizedbetween each visitor.

·        Still unsure? We encourage you to checkin with us to make sure you feel comfortable coming to visit. We would be happyto alleviate any concerns to help you have the best experience possible.

Thank you for doing your part to ensure the continued safetyof your family, friends, and neighbours.

We are delighted to be able to continue to support you andour local community!

The Staff of MH Enterprises

For questions regarding EI Coverage, please call:


For any questions regarding Canada Recovery Benefit, please call:


For assistance navigating benefits available to you, please visit the following site:

For further details please refer directly to:

Drumheller & District Chamber of Commerce

The Town of Drumheller

Government of Alberta

Service Canada